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Capitol Hill, DC Real Estate

Capitol Hill is not just the center of the country’s political life; it is also one of the oldest neighborhoods in DC, boasting its largest residential historic district. While iconic sights like the Capitol, Supreme Court and Library of Congress inspire awe, the Hill’s other streets are filled with beautiful row-houses and parks large and small.

Key Details

  • WHAT TO EXPECT – Bipartisan neighborliness
  • THE LIFESTYLE – Equal parts relaxed and on-the-go
  • WHAT NOT TO EXPECT – Energetic nightlife or easy access to other parts of the city
  • THE MARKET – Abundant row-houses, new condos, and the occasional apartment building
  • YOU’LL FALL IN LOVE WITH – The tight-knit community with a strong sense of history and identity

Commute Times

Metro Center 15m by train, 7m by car

Union Center 16m by train, 6m by car

Dupont Circle 30m by train, 13m by car

Reagan National Airport 32m by train, 9m by car

Nearest Metro Lines

blue line
orange line
silver line

Around The Block

Capitol Hill:
An engaged community infused with history.

The neighborhood began over two hundred years ago at the same time as Washington DC, and was the first place to house members of Congress and their families. Today it’s one large historic district, filled with people experiencing the nation’s capital for the first time. And from Pennsylvania Avenue to Eastern Market and Barrack’s Row, Capitol Hill’s shops, restaurants and cafes continue to charm locals and visitors alike.

You’ll Fall In Love With:

The tight-knit community with a strong sense of history and identity. The Hill has managed to keep its small village feel despite Washington’s ups and downs over the years.